Almost a year.

Hard to believe.

Words inadequate.

Hearts still broken.

But he’s still EVERYWHERE! That merits a smile (which he would clearly prefer).


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7 Responses to Almost a year.

  1. e joe gilbrt says:

    Thank you for keeping Mark’s writings available on the internet. Although a stranger, I come back occasionally to read his words – they are wise and comforting. Best wishes to his loved ones.

  2. Jen D says:

    Thinking of you, Mark!

  3. Anne Lawrence Guyon says:

    I’ve been thinking about it more and more every day. I was at first thinking we should all celebrate him again on the 27th, but then I thought maybe it’s better to celebrate his birthday every August 18th instead. But hell, he loved a party for any occasion at all, so I say we celebrate him as much as possible whenever the mood strikes! Missing him so much as I know you are too.


    Envoyé depuis mon iPhone.


  4. Steve says:

    I’m smiling. While crying.

  5. I only had a chance to meet Mark once but he left a lasting impression and really helped me to see that I was more than someone diagnosed with brain cancer when I was at my lowest.

    A couple years later, I randomly came across the episode about him on the podcast “A Random Walk Through Life” and was really moved. I highly recommend it. He was a great man that will sorely be missed. I hope his daughter is able to cope with him being taken from us too soon. I recently became a father and potentially putting my sons in that position makes me so upset…

  6. Nina Ryder Lynn says:

    I think about you everyday Mark.♥️♥️♥️

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