magazines my friends brought me and a few nuggets

Harper’s, Harper’s Weekly, Time-Life’s 100 Places to Visit in Your Lifetime, The Beatles Special Issue, Rolling Stone, Mountain Bike Magazine, Fame- Tiger Woods, (adult-comic series), Groundpounder BikerChick Mag.

And thank you friends for flowers and food!

I will never look at those “1000 or 100 Paintings to See, Foods to Eat, Video Games to Play, Gardens to Visit, Music to Hear, Places to See, Golf, Fish, Visit, Have Sex, Dive, Swim, Ski, Hike, Kayak, Beers to Drink, Wines to Taste, Books to Read, Sports You Should Play, Things to Know…before you….” books again in the same way. I mean, who has the time?! Jeezum! Too much pressure!

There are nearly 10,000 entries on Amazon for such titles with “…before you…”

According to witnesses, when I was under anesthesia I was joking that I wanted to see more rainbows and unicorns on television and less garbage and violence. There indeed is a need for a hospital-stay Zen movie channel showing nothing but deer drinking from a stream, sunsets, sunrises, moonscapes and paint peeling. Much more soothing than the pabulum and din. Give me the NYC public access Yule log anytime!

My resolve is strong and my outlook bright, but I also have been thinking about those left behind…Jill Noss, Brigid Maire Clark, family members, Hugh Roberts, David Rothschild and so many more…

A friend on the MRI of tumor: “is that a planet in your head?”


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One Response to magazines my friends brought me and a few nuggets

  1. Loie Johnson says:

    I believe what I said was “dude that thing looks like planet earth” it does you know with the shadow swirls…lol xoxo

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