Letter to President of DHMC

Dear Dr. Weinstein,

I write to share my deepest gratitude and profound humility while being in the care of every single individual with whom I came in contact during my recent health cataclysm.

On August 1st, 2011, I was admitted to Dartmouth-Hitchcock with an immediate diagnosis of a brain tumor. The next morning a 4.3 cm spherical, malignant tumor was removed and identified as a WHO grade III anaplastic ependymoma. I will begin radiation shortly. I am a healthy, vibrant, fun-loving 43-year old father of two beautiful daughters and am blessed by a cadre of supportive friends and family. That family now extends to DHMC.

As a former employee of Dartmouth College (working in advancement for the Dartmouth College Fund and at Thayer) and serving briefly but happily as a Board member of the FNCCC, I had already been enamored with all things DHMC. I am a 3-time,100 mile, Prouty participant- I became involved when a friend’s father passed away of cancer and was cared for at DHMC.

I suppose my first connection, albeit somewhat circuitous, occurred when was when I was just a child- Dr. C. Everett Koop operated on me for an inguinal hernia (one of 17,000 such operations he performed in his career) at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. Years later, when he was at DHMC, I shared with him that I recalled sitting on his lap thinking he was Santa Claus.

What I have relayed to friends and neighbors about my experience at Dartmouth-Hitchcock has become a mantra: not only did I receive the very best care from the very best professionals, but throughout the entire journey (one which has only begun) I was treated with care, kindness and humanity. It is difficult to express in words how strongly I wish to extend my gratitude.

There are names I sadly will omit (I suppose I have an excuse with the anesthesiology team!) but to attempt the impossible I wish to mention and thank directly those I recall who were there for me and my family 110%:

Dr. Erkmen, Dr. Fadul, Dr. Mody, Dr. Spire, Dr. Bekelis, Dr. Kakoulides, Dr. Evans, Dr. Merlis, Dr. Guerin, Dr. Hampers, Dr. Jarvis, Amber Merrill, the entire neuro ward including nurses Debra Fitzpatrick, Wren, Maddie, Mike, Josephine, Patricia, Brett and Diane and the MRI team, the path lab, the records folks, the transport team, Lindsay, Rachel, Linda Mason, those who brought me food, cleaned my room and put up with my bad jokes. I know there are many more and I wish I could thank them all personally.

Kindly share my note with any and all parties. I have copied a few friends and family members who have also been a part of this new unknown and for whom I am grateful. Thank you to DHMC from the deepest depths of my heart and soul.


Mark R. Green

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.” – Author unknown


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2 Responses to Letter to President of DHMC

  1. Mark,

    I work on the Web team at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and just ran across your beautiful letter. I’ve forwarded it to everyone you mentioned; I know they will be so grateful to hear from you.

    I’ll be following your blog with great interest, and wish you the very best as you continue your treatment. Safe travels to Houston, Mark. We’re rooting for you!

    Susanna French

    P.S. Should you run into logistical problems while in Texas, I hear that Spinal Tap’s manager Ian Faith can help you out… he can even find mandolin strings in Austin.

  2. Nice! I couldn’t agree more about the DHMC. Lengthened my grandparents lives a few times while living in VT!

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